Club Guidelines

It is our pleasure to welcome you as a guest to Cutten Fields.

Arriving at the club

Guests will be welcomed at the Pro Shop and will have the opportunity to pay for their fees if applicable. If the member intends to pay for the guest fees please make the Pro Shop aware of this in advance.

Cutten Fields Code of Conduct

  1. All members with guests must check in at the Golf Shop prior to proceeding to the first tee.
  2. Any guest who has paid the appropriate guest fee is permitted to use the range while accompanied by a member. All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times and must register in the Golf Shop, prior to using the practice facilities. Guests of members wishing to practice only must pay the $21.42+hst Learning Centre Fee.
  3. More than four players in a group is prohibited.
  4. Members are not permitted to tee off prior to 7:00am.
  5. A single player or twosome have no standing on the golf course, and will be encouraged to be part of a foursome. The course Starter has the right to join twosomes with other twosomes and single players to groups that have space.
  6. No member may start play on any hole other than Hole #1, without first obtaining permission from the Golf Shop.
  7. Members found guilty of slow play on a regular basis will be subject to the club’s infraction policy.
  8. The handicap system adopted by the RCGA is in use. Players are required to enter all scores in a timely fashion in the handicap computer located in the Golf Shop and Locker Rooms. This includes 9-hole scores and all scores from other Clubs. The Handicap Committee will invoke penalties for those not entering all scores. The Committee will settle all disputes regarding handicaps and tournament play.
  9. The driving range is not considered out-of-bounds. Before entering the driving range to play your shot, please ring the bell to notify those practicing at the range. The bells are located at the bottom of the hill on Hole #10 and adjacent to the creek on Hole #14.

Course Etiquette

Pace of Play

Pace of play will be monitored by the Starter, the Director of Golf and the Golf Shop Staff. An acceptable pace of play is a round finished in four hours. Any group that does not play at this pace or cannot maintain its position on the golf course will be addressed by the Playing Committee.

It is important to keep up with the group in front of you at all times. Play “ready golf.” Our goal is to work with all members to ensure everyone enjoys his or her round of golf and is able to play it in an acceptable time frame. If you have any questions regarding pace of play, please contact the Director of Golf.

Golf Course Care

To ensure the course remains well-maintained at all times, we ask our players to: replace divots when possible, always fix ball marks, and always rake bunkers.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones must, at all times, be on vibrate or silent mode. Talking on a cell phone is not permitted in our member’s lounge. This applies to all members and guests.

Helpful Videos

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Cutten Fields is a non-profit, member-run club offering a number of different membership options.